I don’t care what I’m doing, as long as it’s with my friends…

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s been a while since my last post…ok. It’s been about 8 months. I guess I just hadn’t felt like writing. If I’m really honest with myself, I felt like writing a lot of times, but life and, mostly, laziness got the better of me.  I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear my excuses.  You probably came here to see why on Earth I decided to break my silence. Here goes…I woke up this morning with a profound sense of gratitude: for life, for love, for music, and for friends.  The last one, friends, is probably the biggest reason I decided to break my silence after such a long hibernation.

Last night, Caleb and I set out to Chambersburg, PA for a night of music at the Roy Pitz Brewing Company.  To say I love this place doesn’t quite encapsulate my affinity for the establishment and its owners.  As a performing songwriter who doesn’t have a band to help captivate a room full of drunk people, it’s difficult to find places to play where the expectations of all parties, performer, promoter, and patron, can be realized. The Stube provides just such a venue; this fact is made possible by the music loving owners previously mentioned.

Once we got to the Stube, we were greeted outside by the owner with a big smile. She let us know that we would be playing in a different room due to noise complaints from the curmudgeon neighbors.  Unfazed, Caleb and I set about setting up to an empty room. We got all set up and sound checked and then sat down to enjoy our first beer of the night and write a set list, which is a task I usually forego.  I’m glad I did, but more on that another time. As start time neared, the room was still mostly empty except for Steve Smith and Jenny Boxler-Shifler, the authors, webmasters, and all around music lovers responsible for the Franklin County Music Facebook page. I think sometimes just playing to these two could be enough, but, luckily, that was not the case last night.  By the time we took the stage the room was starting to fill up with new friends and a few familiar faces (thanks Dean Brocious and Jamie Negley). By the time we finished our first set, we had a nice group of attentive listeners, and, in a bar, this is no easy task. I said this last night, but I’ll say it again. Playing to attentive strangers is amazing, but recognition and encouragement from musical peers makes the night a thousand times better. The crowd of musicians and new friends made my Grinch heart swell up ten sizes, and for that I am eternally grateful.

So there you have it…nothing earth shattering. Just a humble musician wanting to pay tribute to music lovers and a wonderful venue. Recently, life has been plagued with the passing of some great people, some close to me and some not so close, but all very dear to my heart.  So, I needed to feel some love. I felt that good energy that I so desperately needed last night. Thanks.

However, while I have your attention, let me fill you in on some things that are happening in the not to distant future. Caleb and I have decided to record an album of original music, and Paul Cogle, who has recorded Bishops, John R. Miller, and CassiRaye Ponton (yet to be released), has tentatively agreed to engineer the album. We have yet to decide on a name for our group, but we considering some names.  I’ll make that the question of the day:  What are your thoughts on band names?  Should we take one…if so…suggestions? Feel free to comment below!  As well, I will be playing the following places in the month of September:

9/5 The Bavarian Inn (Shepherdstown, WV)

9/7 Red Heifer Winery w/ The Aveys (Smithsburg, MD)

9/12 Quench (Rockville, MD)

9/13 The Garry Owen Irish Pub (Gettysburg, PA)

9/19 Potomac Grille (Harpers Ferry, WV)

9/20 Ski Liberty (Fairfield, PA)

9/21 Shepherdstown Farmers Market (Shepherdstown, WV)

*Check the shows page for specific details about times and tickets.

Last, I wanted to leave you with a little parting gift.  As I said before, I have experienced some profound losses over the past few months. The phenomenon of loss is not new and tends to recur mechanical precision.  So, for all of my loved-ones and all who need love. I love you and here’s a little tip:


1 thought on “I don’t care what I’m doing, as long as it’s with my friends…

  1. Cindy Moser says:

    Love you, Bob Keel! And miss seeing that bushy face, listening to your soft sounds, etc. Congrats. On the album. Name…um, Keel and Caleb. – it flows. Will work on the name thing while waiting for the laundry to get done and while listening to my favorite male songwriter!!! Will try to “break a few rules” while I’m at it.


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