It never felt so good to feel so bad.

I’ve never felt so good to feel so bad.  This past weekend was a humdinger.  It started Friday night with a trip to Fairfield, PA.  This is the first time that I’ve played at Ski Liberty during the season.  I was very surprised to see that while there wasn’t a large amount of snow on the ground the parking lots were full; the next morning there was full on sea of cars.  I pulled up with my guest in tow for a night of music with the full band (Melody, Caleb, Jade, and myself). It was shaping up to be a night of firsts: first time there with the band, first time there during the season, and first night with a new set of smaller speakers.

My contemporaries reading this will attest that using new equipment can be the most daunting of circumstances on stage.  That being said, it all went off without a hitch, really.  The new speakers performed nicely, even with a bass guitar going directly through the mains.  It wasn’t without a few hiccups, but that is unavoidable. Thankfully, Miss Jade is a beast at dialing in her sound and playing to the room.  This new collaboration, which is quickly becoming not so new, is really starting to make sense to me.  The new songs are starting to flow and the older songs are starting to grow more and more complex with new layers of counterpoint and harmonies.  I know I keep saying this, but I’m so excited to be laying this music down for the whole world to hear.  I would encourage you to come and check it out, if you haven’t already. At the very least, make sure to pick up the new album when it drops!

Back to show…the night got off to a good start with staff welcoming me to the venue.  After a quick discussion with the front of house manager we found our spot and got set up.  All in all, it went more quickly than I’d expected, which was good because it gave me time to get some food, and I was famished.  Next thing I know, my belly is full and I’m one glass of “Sweet Baby Jesus” in. It’s time to start the show.  We piqued the crowd’s interest by playing a few cover tunes, of course, but, as I’ve been noticing more and more, the original tunes tend to get the as much response as the covers.  To me the greatest compliment I can receive, albeit a little back-handed, is the question “who wrote that?” I did! Thanks for listening! As we were playing, I started to see some folks I knew that came up from DC and the surrounding areas. Familiar faces really help a fun night become an awesome night! So, thanks to Katie and her husband, Scott & Christie, Jered, and Sam & Elijah for making the trek and sticking around to party.  In a flash, it was time break down and back to the hotel!

Being on the road is lonely, unless you have your friends with you, it’s snowing at an alarming rate, and you’ve got lots of cold beer, then it’s the most awesome thing you will ever do! (It’s mostly awesome if I’m honest…you know…bad day fishing is better than something something….) Back at the hotel, there was much merriment, snow ball fighting, and snowman building.  The latter was headless by the morning…I hope it was quick and painless.

The next morning saw the band back to the mountain which had a fresh coat for the winter.  With much trepidation, I forced the snow boots on to my overly large feet and calves.  I got on the ski lift after watching someone get loudly scolded by the lift operator and, before I knew it, my band and I were at the top of the bunny slope.  Somehow it was still dizzying. Think “A Christmas Story” right as the boy is getting thrown down the slide after talking to Santa. I stepped out, felt the cool mountain air on my face, and swoosh!  Next thing I know, the sun was fading, my butt and legs were sore, and I found myself, yet again, famished.  We made our way to Imperial China in Hagerstown, MD for, quite possibly, the best dumplings on the planet, and then back to our respective homes, warm beds, and deep sleep.

It doesn’t get better I think! Thanks to all who came out and thanks to those will continue to share my music! Weather permitting, I and a yet to be determined partner will be playing the Meck on Tuesday from 9-midnight.  As well, this Saturday, I will be back up to the John Allison Public House to play from 9-Midnight.  Come have a beer and be merry with me while I sing you some songs!

Below, please find a recording of me and part of my band at a recent show from my new friend Dan McCarthy!



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